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  • It Takes a Base: Teamwork

    One Airman makes a big difference when teamwork is required. That difference, if bad, can mean failure to all, or, if good, success and pride for all. That's an incredible responsibility for one Airman to carry, and we owe each Airman the mentorship to develop this important perspective. A recent event allows me an opportunity to demonstrate this
  • VAFB Company Grade Officer Council selected as Air Force CGOC of the Quarter

    The Vandenberg Company Grade Officer's Council was recently named the Air Force's Top CGOC of the Quarter, 2nd Quarter 2015.In addition to securing this award, Capt. Brian Pitman, 1st Air and Space Test Squadron, was selected as the Western Region's CGO of the 2nd Quarter, 2015.Pitman was selected from more than 4,500 CGOs across the Western Region

    "There is nothing permanent except change." This is certainly true in the Air Force. I have been in the Air Force for 18 years and I cannot begin to list all the changes I have seen in my time. Change is inevitable in our profession and must be expected and dealt with as it comes. Being a career personnelist, I have witnessed many changes in my
  • Fourth of July and Fireworks: Where can you legally buy and use fireworks on the Central Coast?

    Every year on the Fourth of July, Americans all across the United States and the world celebrate Independence Day. This day remembers the Continental Congress's adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, breaking away from Great Britain.Along with barbecues and beaches, the Fourth of July is known for fireworks. John Adams
  • Reflections: Lt. Col. Linkh

    As I stand motionless amongst the ranks for the thousandth time, I find myself in the throes of a familiar limbic phenomenon. I remain stoic as the internal cacophony plays out, a tingle radiating up and down the spine, a sense of pulses or waves of energy and the actual manifestation of goosebumps, a phenomenon known scientifically as

    The most exciting day of the summer is right around the corner -- the 4th of July -- the day we celebrate the birth of our great nation. We celebrate with friends and family with cookouts, concerts, and of course, fireworks. This week we will look at a few events happening prior to Independence Day and then look at the opportunities to
  • My ALS experience: all about the people

    In a continually changing society, few organizations maintain as firm a grip on their history and traditions as the United States military.Airman Leadership School, the first chapter in an Airman's Professional Military Education, is one such tradition. One in which I recently had the opportunity to experience first-hand.Making the same pilgrimage
  • Honest answers to sexual assault myths

    As Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month came to a close, I want to take the opportunity to address three persistent myths regarding the Air Force's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program. These myths include a commander's ability to start, stop or otherwise hinder a sexual assault investigation; what agencies can take a sexual

    June on the central coast presents several annual events that are unique and exciting. This week we will talk about some of those events and also some very special events taking place in our area.The first of those extraordinary events is actually two events Friday, June 12 and Saturday, June 13. The Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center will celebrate the
  • Outdoor Recreation provides thrills, morale for Airmen

    As I stood at the top of an incredibly steep hill in Santa Barbara, surrounded by nothing but acres of land and air, my body was in the latter stages of an all-out mutiny.My mind was enthralled by the scenic view, fully prepared for what was to follow. My stomach, on the other hand, was tied in knots, providing an expletive-filled narrative that my