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  • Training for the combat zone an order of business for unit

    Smoke limits the field of view, repetitive gunshots make it almost impossible to hear. An uncontrollable heart thumps, making concentration seem impossible. These are just some of the emotions an Airman might feel in a combat zone. The 30th Security Forces Squadron Training Section trains Airmen how to perform under these conditions. The six-man
  • Vandenberg PT makes strides, keeps base fit

    The chime of the alarm clock, the sun blasting through the window and memories of a dream accompany those getting up to start their day with unit physical training.PT programs allow units time to come together and work through each other's moments of weakness.Each unit has a different way of doing PT. Some groups have an attitude of let's get it
  • Eagle Eyes: vigilance is key

    As the special agent explains it, he says the suspect could be a guy at the Visitor Control Center. He could come in and ask for a base map and a telephone book. Then the questions begin. How many security forces are on base? What kind of weapons do they carry? When is their busy time, their shift change, or their deployment rotation?"Someone who
  • Vandenberg Airman checkmates inter-service competition

    Do you know what it feels like to be mentally beaten with 3 inch plastic figurines? Fortunately for Tech. Sgt. Nathaniel Ola, his opponents in the Department of Defense Inter-Service Chess Tournament were very familiar with that feeling. Sergeant Ola, a missile warning duty officer assigned to the 614th Space Operations Squadron, placed first in
  • On the road ahead: planning, preparation key to safe trip

    It's the morning of your summer road vacation, and you've been so excited for the 1,000-mile journey you stayed up all night at a farewell send-off. With a few hours sleep, you stumble to your dusty car. It's been a while since your last oil change, last service call, even your last car wash. You're sure the bulge in your car's tires is only due to
  • Vandenberg captain helps with keeping launches safe

    Debris falling from the sky, explosions after liftoff, rockets veering off course--due to these concerns, Vandenberg employs the most qualified Airmen to implement safety during launches.Capt. John Doyle takes pride in working to ensure the safety of the surrounding area during launches.The 30th Operations Group standardization and evaluation
  • Public health sergeant making his mark at Vandenberg

    A barrage of paperwork coming across his desk isn't what Staff Sgt. Travis Heath had in mind when he cross-trained from security forces to public health two years ago. However, without someone doing the job Sergeant Heath does, the 30th Security Forces members, along with the rest of the base, would be staying home.Public Health is responsible for
  • PCC reveives extreme Italian makeover

    The Pacific Coast Club became a non-conventional viewing site for the Italian COSMO Sky-Med satellite launch on June 7. For the first Italian space community's first satellite launch from Vandenberg, the Italian Ministry of Defense brought in a 74 person team from Milan, in collaboration with a southern California production company, to create an
  • Vandenberg couple has fun, fervor to bring theatre to area

    The prince, carrying a wooden sword, prowls in search of the dragon between rows of chairs. A ferocious roar blasts from across the audience and a small girl dashes to the front of the stage. Nearly out of breath, she spins around to face the prince, clutching a light-green plush dragon tail. The prince runs up, stops short when he sees her and
  • Gear, course preps riders for safe trip on highway to danger zone

    It was sunny and 70 degrees as Capt. Joshua McKean, a unit security manager for the 2nd Range Operations Squadron here, glided toward Harris Grade Road on his sports bike. Dirt, gravel and danger lay just a few yards ahead.As he made a right turn onto Harris Grade Road from Highway 135, he accelerated away from the turn and his rear tire spun on