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  • 30th LRS Airman receives Bronze Star

    Tech. Sergeant Frederick Garcia received a bronze star for his leadership as convoy commander in Iraq where he and his team drove a combined distance of 578,000 miles. That's the distance to the moon and back, and halfway around the Earth.Sergeant Garcia deployed to the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing's 424th Medium Truck Detachment for nearly half a
  • Bright idea may save base $400k+ per year

    The ideas of one Airman and a civilian in the 30th Civil Engineer Squadron have brought new light to the subject of energy savings at Vandenberg.They have discovered a new way to provide illumination to Vandenberg streets, parking lots and facilities, using light emitting diode, or LED, lamps.LEDs use less electricity than high pressure sodium
  • Airmen today stand on giants' shoulders: World War II veteran visits Vandenberg

    At 17 years old, Richard Thackston started his training as a pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress on the verge of the American entrance into World War II. "A lot of us told them we were 18 so we could get in," he said. Eager to serve his country, while at the same time fulfill his dream to be a pilot, Mr. Thackston enlisted in the Army Air Corps in
  • Bob Dickson: High demand, low density

    High demand, low density is how some military professionals describe the operational demands on critical assets like aircraft.Maj. Mark DelVecchio, the 30th Operations Support Squadron Director of Operations, thinks that Bob Dickson is its critical asset."Bob Dickson is a high demand, low density person. Everyone wants to utilize him in some way,"
  • Army Corps of Engineers demolishes Vandenberg houses

    They stood for nearly 50 years outside the gates of Vandenberg. Now - through a contract with the Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District - 259 of 663 houses are now gone.The homes in East Housing of Vandenberg have been demolished as part of a contract awarded to the Los Angeles District. The project for phases one through three was awarded
  • MDG radiology tech aids 100k in Navy tour

    In a whirlwind deployment, Tech. Sgt. Jason Conely saw on average one South or Central American country every 10 days. Well, he didn't exactly see each country."You get up when it's dark, and travel for one or two hours before sunrise, then you start seeing patients right away for 12 hours, and as soon as you're done you go back to the ship," he
  • CE operations flight keeps base running

    Water, light and electricity are all resources that Airmen take advantage of on a daily basis. The question that those Airmen seldom ask is where do the resources come from?To find the answer, look no further than Vandenberg's own 30th Civil Engineer Squadron operations flight.The flight, which has over 350 personnel, is responsible for maintaining
  • Land Sharks running wild on Vandenberg

    In today's Air Force it is mandatory for a recruit to be able to run 1 and a half miles in order to be called an Airman. While many Airmen today do not like to run, and would compare it to pulling teeth, there is a group of dependents here at Vandenberg that are not only running, but running for fun.The Land Sharks is a club of elementary school
  • Former Iraqi citizen returns to serve as Air Force officer

    The journey to American citizenship and eventual commissioning in the Air Force was a long and dangerous path for Iraqi-born Capt. Rasul Alsalih, deployed from Vandenberg with the 732nd Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron.He was 29 years old and living in his hometown of Samawah, Iraq, when the United States and its coalition partners ejected the
  • 14th Air Force Airmen compete increase war fit program

    40 meters is a sprint. 3200 meters is a distance race. A marathon, something that two members of the 14th Air Force's Flying Tigers know well, is a grueling test of endurance, preparation and hard work.Lt. Col. Nevin Taylor, a 14th AF director of component reserves, and Maj. Bill Kennedy, traveled to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to participate