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  • Hawkman gives wings to Guardian Challenge team

    He has a uniform, but it's grey and blue tights. He wears a mask, but everyone knows his name. He's allergic to shellfish, but he's always ready for Sharks. Who is this inspiring figure, this guiding light, this capo di tutti capi in the mascot world? It's Hawkman of course. The masked-figure, who has been the mascot for Vandenberg's 30th Space
  • Facilities Airmen ensure integrity, accuracy part of job

    In a recent Letter to Airmen, Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynn wrote, "Integrity ... refers to going the extra mile to ensure our work is absolutely accurate." While some may think this only applies to piloting an aircraft or tracking a satellite, that type of integrity and attention to detail is necessary for every job in the Air Force, as
  • Security forces ready to defend GC trophy

    (Editor's note: This is the fourth in a four-part series on Guardian Challenge.) As the smoke clears from the 30th Launch and Operation Groups' Guardian Challenge events, one unit stands ready for the final, grueling campaign. The 30th Security Forces Squadron is gearing up for the Air Force Space Command competition May 4-6 here. Their first step
  • Sporting Clays: Vandenberg's best kept secret

    Did you know Vandenberg Rod and Gun Club has regularly scheduled competitive shooting events? Most people aren't aware there are rifle, pistol, and shotgun shooting events held every month right here on Vandenberg. Of all the competitions held at the Gun Club, Sporting Clays is one of the most popular, and the most challenging. Many people have
  • March to remember: Airmen participate in Bataan memorial

    The boots had to come off. Blisters, swelling - her size 10 boots became too tight for her feet, but she kept going. The medics had to use duct tape and other materials to keep her feet together, but she kept going. Her socks wore through, the sand stung her face, the sun drained her will ... but she kept going. Justine Adams and other members from
  • Electrical flight keeps Vandenberg lit up after dark

    Climbing up to the top of a 40-foot-tall electrical pole, only to be met by large amounts of electricity that could kill you if not handled properly, it is no easy task. Staff Sgt. Arnold Sarmiento and the rest of the 30th Civil Engineer Squadron electrical shop, however, are up to the challenge. These electrical craftsmen make a living by
  • Chess tournament brings battle to the board

    The 30th Service Division hosted a chess tournament at the Vandenberg Center on Saturday. Due to the number of participants the civilian and military divisions were combined. Six Airmen and civilians competed in the division. The winner of the division was Randolph DeVera, 30th Logistic Readiness Squadron civilian. Mr. DeVera was able to win all
  • TRG makes strides in energy conservation

    Saving the world starts with just one step. The U.S. government took one step toward increased protection of the environment and the economy in the form of energy conservation legislation. Another step was taken by the 30th Space Wing when leadership created an Energy Management Plan. Now the 381st Training Group here is continuing the charge by
  • Missile student breaks multiple weightlifting records

    He rose above all competition. More specifically, Michael Tuchscherer lifted more weight above all competition. At 22 years old, the second lieutenant recently shattered five American powerlifting records at the USAPL Quest American Invitational in Ohio on March 1. Athletes lift weights in three categories, the maximum weight for each category is
  • ASTS lieutenant has special tie to Endeavour mission

    The crew of the recent STS-123 Endeavour Space Shuttle was traveling with a unique payload that was designed in part by a lieutenant here. First Lt. Anna Gunn-Golkin, a 1st Air and Space Test Squadron Launch Mission Manager, was part of a nine-person team that designed, built and tested the Rigidizable Inflatable Get-Away-Special Experiment (RIGEX)