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  • Airman and Family Readiness Center offers Airmen a helping hand

    If you are a first-term Airman, a Vandenberg lifer that is about to deploy, an Airman preparing to separate from the Air Force or a family member to any of the three, the Vandenberg Airman and Family Readiness has something they can offer to you. The center offers many different programs of which any Airman can take advantage. Programs range from
  • Vehicle management flight keeps base moving

    Working at an Air Force base, no matter what a person does, can at times require some sort of travel, and thankfully Airmen are provided with government vehicle's to complete mission essential tasks. Just as important to mission success is the 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron's vehicle management flight, which has the responsibility of maintaining
  • Eating healthy can be hard, but is necessary

    As the Air Force continues to support efforts on the front line of combat, being in shape is vitally important. The challenge is figuring out how to do that. Running and working out during physical training are necessary to accomplishing a better body, but something that is overlooked and more important is eating healthy. "Food is a fuel for our
  • Vandenberg officer takes physical training to the next level

    Since January, every Airman's physical training test score across the world's greatest air and space force now carries weight in their performance report. Some strive to barely pass where others challenge their bodies and minds in search of excellence in all they do. Capt. Lassena Von Hacker, 14th Air Force surveillance and reconnaissance plans and
  • Legal office here to help, not hinder Airmen

    If an Airman is in a court martial, the attorneys from the 30th Space Wing Judge Advocate office might not be that Airman' s favorite people. However, what that Airman and others across the base might not understand is that while the base legal office deals with criminal proceedings, it also supplies a surplus of legal services for Airmen who
  • Free education possible through military benefits

    "Show me the money!" That's what Tom Cruise had to do for Cuban Gooding Jr as the titular character in the Hollywood film. And that's just what the Air Force is doing for Airmen interested in pursuing higher education. Through programs like tuition assistance and the G.I. Bill, Airmen are left little excuse for skipping school. Both programs cover
  • White water rafting now available through outdoor recreation

    Have you ever wanted to rush through white water rapids as you tumble down a river? Now you can. The outdoor recreation center here is offering Airmen a chance to go rafting down the Kern River. For $75 Airmen will be transported, fully equipped with safety gear and necessities to go down the river, fed sandwiches from the Commissary, and provided
  • Off-road warriors: Conservation officers patrol mountains to beaches

    Policing more than 100,000 acres of land is a formidable task, especially at Vandenberg with its mountains, woodlands and beaches. How do you patrol where there are no roads? The 30th Security Forces Squadron's conservation flight does just that, employing a variety of methods, from all-terrain vehicles to horseback riding to walking on foot. It's
  • Forecasters know 'weather never sleeps'

    From the Atlas V launch five months ago to the upcoming TLV NFIRE launch, personnel with the 30th Weather Squadron here ensure mission success and safety by keeping their heads in the clouds. It doesn't matter if the vehicle launches from above or below ground; the weather is a key component in the entire launch process. While an actual missile
  • TSR: There to listen

    Witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event can be difficult for a person's mental or spiritual health. Some people affected by tragic events may not know where to turn, where to unburden themselves of these feelings. The Air Force has taken these needs into consideration and offers Airmen the Traumatic Stress Response team. "The goal is to