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  • ADC here to represent Airmen who need help

    An unsung hero is a person who makes an essential yet unrecognized contribution. If military members face a Letter of Reprimand or an Article 15, the Area Defense Counsel could be their unsung hero. An independent entity at Vandenberg, the ADC falls under the Air Force Legal Operations Agency. Therefore, the ADC offers counsel free of pressure from
  • Becoming a citizen: One Airman embraces America with her 'whole heart'

    When one is born in a certain nation, it can be easy to take citizenship for granted; the person would know nothing else. But moving to another country and consciously making the decision to become a citizen there ... well, that takes some careful consideration. For Senior Airman Renata Bernhard, it took almost eight years and joining the world's
  • Americans celebrate recovery in September

    On Aug. 27, President George W. Bush proclaimed September 2008 as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month in which he calls upon the people of the United States to observe this month with the appropriate programs, ceremonies and activities. Join the Voices for Recovery: Real People, Real Recovery, the 2008 theme, is the unifying force
  • Paintballers prepare for battle

    The Vandenberg 30th Force Support Squadron will host a 3-on-3 paintball tournament at 9 a.m. Saturday at the outdoor recreation paintball field. The tournament is the first sponsored by 30th FSS since the field opened in 2005. The teams will battle head-to-head in bracket play. The tournament will be refereed like a professional paintball
  • Speak up with Toastmasters

    Do you suffer from glossophobia? Don't be discouraged; a lot of people have a fear of speaking in public. Luckily there is a club on base that is willing to help. The Vandenberg Toastmasters Club is designed to help people overcome their glossophobia, and become proper public speakers. "The club is made for airmen basics to generals," said Lisa
  • Making history: One woman's journey in the WAF

    It was 1948 and it was a big year. Israel became an independent state, the U.S. won 38 gold medals at the Olympics in London and gas prices averaged 26 cents per gallon. But for young Patricia Rahe, the big news was the Women's Armed Services Integration Act, signed into law by President Harry Truman, which for the first time allowed women to serve
  • Chaplains program helps Airmen SOAR

    Upon entering the Air Force, Airmen are taught to fly, fight and win, but now Airmen returning from deployment can SOAR. The Spiritually Oriented Assessment and Reintegration program is an opportunity for Airmen returning from a deployment to speak to a chaplain about problems that Airmen face post-deployment. "When we come back from a six month
  • Dive into adventure with the Aqualliers

    Aqualliers might sound like a superhero team found in comic books, but it's actually Vandenberg's Scuba Diving Club and a great deal more. For more than 30 years the club has been established here on base, carrying on its legacy. The club currently consists of about 40 members made up of civilian, retirees and active duty military members. The club
  • Auto Skills Center offers Airmen an affordable alternative

    There are many benefits of being an Airman. The medical benefits, free housing and something people might not know about - the Vandenberg Auto Skills Center. The auto center allows Airmen to maintain, restore and fix vehicles with minimal costs. This is a huge advantage compared to some of the prices one might find outside of the base. "The auto
  • Star Wars fans don't 'have a bad feeling' about trivial pursuit at PCC

    Star Wars fan you are? If so then be sure to attend the monthly Star Wars trivial pursuit contest on the second Friday of every month at the Pacific Coast Club. The group has been meeting since October of last year. "We have seen numbers fluctuate from as high as 30 to what you see now," said Lt. Col Cynthia Provost, a Star Wars enthusiast,