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  • Launch time: 2 ROPS key to Vandenberg mission

    A button is pushed, a missile launches, it hits its target and everyone goes home. Sounds simple right? Actually, launching a missile, especially one like the Missile Defense Agency interceptor launched here Friday, requires much more than just a button push. It takes more than a year of planning, coordination between myriad agencies and careful
  • Duty, honor, commitment: Vandenberg's Honor Guard

    Every organization on an installation serves a purpose and contributes to the overall mission of the Air Force. However, there is one flight that stands out from the crowd when it comes to military bearing and professional image. This group is Vandenberg's Honor Guard. The honor guard selectively takes volunteers from units around the base that
  • Surface cargo produces sharp Airmen

    A drop of sweat falls from an Airman's forehead and quickly mixes with a light layer of sawdust that accumulates over a pair of protective goggles. With one wipe of his gloves, his lenses are clear, and he is back to work hours before lunch. For some Airmen the constant sound of screeching table saws and firing nail guns can serve as a better jump
  • Airmen Run to Remember, some can never forget

     Members of team Vandenberg have been running to remember fallen servicemembers for a little over a week now. While some are running to remember, others are running for people and events they can never forget.A Run to Remember has given Team Vandenberg the opportunity to donate money, through the Combined Federal Campaign, to organizations which
  • Palace Chase and Front allow Airmen to continue serving

    No matter what the reason, becoming a full-time student, getting a high-paying job close to home or just wanting to be close to home, leaving the Air Force can be a scary change in an Airman's life. There might be doubts of uncertainty or a longing to continue serving American citizens. For many Airmen there is a chance rid themselves of those
  • Vandenberg program allows Airmen opportunity to take control of stress

    When mild-mannered scientist Bruce Banner gets angry, he turns into the Incredible Hulk and proceeds to smash his way through difficulties with his big, green fists.While tearing a car in half may sound like fun, there are better ways for non-comic book people to deal with life's troubles, and the Stress and Anger Management Class here can show you
  • Sergeant helps lay groundwork for Vandenberg mission

    (Editor's note: This is the last of a two-part series describing the early years of Vandenberg.) After spending months clearing trees, building a runway, doing kitchen patrol and other tasks Master Sgt. (Ret.) George Mecum and the Air Force started to focus efforts on an out of this world task- space exploration.Shortly after moving into the bases
  • Airman’s attic available to help E-5 and below

    As gas prices continue to soar, prices of everyday merchandise rise as well. This is a truth that all members of the community feel, including Airmen. The Airmen that might feel it the worst are those at the bottom of the food-chain. However, some of them might not know that basic housing merchandise is available for free at the Vandenberg Airman's
  • Fifty years through the eyes of a missile maintainer

    (Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part series describing the early years of Vandenberg.) After completing missile engine mechanic school at Chanute Air Force Base, Ill., in 1958, Master Sgt. (Ret.) George Mecum received orders to Cooke AFB, what we now know as Vandenberg AFB. "My wife and I arrived into Lompoc in July, and were surprised
  • Flight engineers safe base through training

    In a small, bright office, the scene is intense. Four Airmen in Tyvek suits, purple Butyl gloves, rubber boot covers, tape at the wrists, ankles and around their full-faced respirators, lean over a small pile of white powder. Checklists and biological agent reading equipment are close at hand. "What are you going to do now?" an NCO asks. Welcome to