Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+


  • Pawsitive impacts; first DOD certified courthouse facility dog

    Preston, 30th SW courthouse facility dog, comes to work every day to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office, as he is a certified and highly trained courthouse dog who provides support to victims and witnesses. Preston was trained through the POOCH’S (prisoners overcoming obstacles

  • Crashing Tide Changes Airman’s Life

    When the sun began to descend on that Sunday evening, Staff Sgt. Christopher Parise, 576th Flight Test Squadron missile handling evaluator, was in the right place at the right time.

  • For 30th SW historian, space history never stops

    Scott Bailey, 30th Space Wing historian, is operating in an interesting time at Vandenberg Air Force Base. As the Air Force pursues one of its core missions to Maintain Air & Space Superiority, Vandenberg’s Western Range and space launch operations are at the forefront of change in the pursuit of

  • Right place, right time; Vandenberg officer helps save a life

    As space experts and representatives from around the globe met to discuss present and future space capabilities during the 2019 Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colo., one of its participants was focused on something very different. Lt. Col. Olivier Fleury, the French Joint Staff Liaison Officer

  • Vandenberg Honor Guard Strives for Excellence

    “Honor Guard is probably the best and most meaningful thing an Airman can do in their Air Force career,” Davis said. “As long as you’re doing it, do it from the heart – don’t just do Honor Guard for the potential benefits you may receive. Let it form you into a better Airman throughout your entire

  • Vandenberg Highlight; more than a Barista

    Every Airman, including our civil service and government service teammates, have all played a role in making Vandenberg Air Force Base not just the safest and most efficient launch port for polar orbiting satellites, but also one big family.Many amazing people contribute to Vandenberg’s Whole Airman

  • Give and Take of Airman and Air Force

    Often times, Airmen give back and are advancing the Air Force without even realizing it. Every Airmen has the power to affect the future of the Air Force by just sharing knowledge, experience and ideas.

  • Love Between Uniforms

    Sacrifice is defined as surrendering something of value as a means of gaining something more desirable. What are you willing to sacrifice for the good of your country? Within a marriage between two active-duty military members, there are both positive and negative elements. A positive is that they

  • Life Outside of the Uniform

    In and out of uniform, Vandenberg Airmen are full-time warriors, and their passions extend beyond the work day. Each Airman brings a distinct and vital individuality to the uniform, and Team V is a better place because of it.

  • Weathermen explain why Vandenberg is so foggy

    The famed Californian Highway 1 not only provides a beautiful interconnection between our neighbors in Las Angeles and San Francisco, but lines the outside fences of the only launch port on the western sea board. Located an hour south of San Luis Obispo sits the 30th Space Wing’s northern most