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  • Elephant seals join team V

    On the sandy shores of south Vandenberg, at the bottom of a rocky cliff, 18 Elephant seal pups lazed in the sun, scarcely two weeks old and already weighing roughly 100 lbs., they nestled close to their much larger mothers. The lounging beasts paid little heed to the harbor seals, who were also sunning themselves on the same remote beach, albeit
  • Drive defensively, arrive alive

    The ability to drive safely is often not about knowing how to handle one’s own vehicle, but being able to anticipate how other drivers will respond in a given situation.With a higher tempo of accidents around VAFB in the last several weeks, and the excessive rainfall, being a defensive driver is ever more prevalent. “In the last week there have
  • Victim Advocates: front-line against sexual assault

    Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, and Victim Advocates are available at major DoD installations to assist victims and survivors of sexual assault. At Vandenberg, the Victim Advocates are volunteers from different units and serve as the front-line of defense for prevention and response. The Victim Advocate program is comprised of trained and
  • AFRC helps Airmen set financial goals

    At the start of a new year people often set goals for themselves, go to the gym more, eat less fast food, or save money. The Airman and Family Readiness Center, here, may not be able to help anyone work out more or eat less junk food, but when it comes to saving money, they are a veritable bank of information. With tax season approaching and annual
  • Measuring mission success one nanosecond at a time

    In a small office, in a remote corner of Vandenberg, there is a laboratory devoted to metrology, or the science of measurement. The Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory contains temperature controlled rooms filled with bizarre looking apparatus designed to calibrate and fix everything from a pressure gauge to an atomic clock. The temperature
  • 25 years, still going strong

    During a period of massive restructuring across the Air Force, the 30th Space Wing was born 25 years ago, Nov. 19, 1991. The 30th Space Wing has been through a lot of changes in its quarter century, the overall launch tempo has slowed and the lease of the Space Launch Complexes to commercial entities has altered how the wing conducts business, but
  • Restorations rejuvenate Vandenberg Space and Technology Center

    During the past year Vandenberg’s Space and Technology Center, sometimes referred to as the base museum, has received various upgrades that are expected to continue into 2017. One of the largest renovations in progress is to the former blockhouse where the countdown was conducted from the complex’s first launch in 1959, to its last in 1980. “One
  • ALS prepares future leaders

    As junior enlisted Airmen, responsibilities come in a minimal fashion. While expected to perform the job adequately, these everyday duties rarely reach the same degree of responsibility as those of a higher rank. Those duties change drastically, however, upon promotion to staff sergeant and entry into the non-commissioned officer tier. During their
  • Unexploded ordnance precaution

    Originally known as Camp Cooke, Vandenberg Air Force base started as a U.S. Army training camp in 1941. In response to World War II and eventually the Korean conflict, the Army used the land for various anti-aircraft artillery and ordnance training. As a result of the training conducted many years ago, areas of land on Vandenberg still have
  • Team V firefighters compete in Reno

    Nine Team V firefighters recently attended the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge held in Reno, Nev. during the first week of October.   The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge originated as a university-based occupational health research study, and has since become an international televised sporting event. Firefighters from around the world