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  • We’re all the way up

    Twenty three thousand objects the size of a softball are swirling around the atmosphere at this moment, and one new Air Force unit will have the responsibility of keeping tabs on every one of them. The 18th Space Control Squadron is the Air Force’s newest space control squadron, and it will fall under the 21st Space Wing. It stood up July 22 at
  • Son of Team V member qualifies for Olympics

    On June 30, Bill Prenot sat with his wife, Tammy, and more than 14,000 fans from all over the U.S., anxiously waiting for his son Josh to compete in the men’s 200-meter breaststroke final in Omaha, Neb. A spot on the U.S. Olympic team in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics was on the line for the participants. Everyone in attendance was on edge for their
  • Putting the 'team' in Team V

    In July of 2012, General William Shelton, then the commander of Air Force Space Command, made the strategic decision to move everything out of Building 7000 and renovate in order to co-locate the 14th Air Force Joint Functional Component Command for Space headquarters, the Joint Space Operations Center and the 614th Air Operations Center into one
  • Water, fuel systems maintenance maintains even flow

    Unbeknownst to many, Vandenberg Air Force Base personnel regularly spend their time above miles of unseen water pipeline.It’s the job of the water and fuel systems maintenance specialists of the 30th Civil Engineer Squadron to regularly maintain those pipelines, as well as inspect, install and repair most facilities on Vandenberg.“We cover a unique
  • Vandenberg firefighters, dozer team help battle local inferno

    Vandenberg firefighters, along with members of Vandenberg’s unique heavy equipment operators’ fire dozer team, recently helped battle a potentially catastrophic, local wildfire. Dubbed the Sherpa Fire, the large inferno blazed through an area near Santa Barbara, as the Vandenberg fire department received the initial call to assist other departments
  • 1 ASTS launches new mission assurance centers

    With a multitude of obstacles standing in the way of a successful launch, careful coordination is essential to entering polar orbit. A lot of that coordination takes place within the 1st Air and Space Test Squadron, working closely with other organizations. The 1st ASTS recently completed a project on two launch support centers – the Falcon Launch
  • Youth Center engages children through summer programs

    With children free from school responsibilities during the summer months while many of their parents continue to report to duty, Vandenberg’s Youth Center has established an array of programs to keep children occupied until returning to school.Maintaining different themed weeks and classes ranging from cooking, to theater, to Ju-Jitsu – the center
  • Preserving past to conserve future

    An understanding of Air Force history can explain many of its current beliefs and actions, and enables leaders to make more informative decisions in the future. With direct ties to Cold War history and one of its former Space Launch Complexes being deemed a National Historic Landmark, Vandenberg is particularly invested in preserving its storied
  • VAFB volunteers help community kitchen thrive

    A large pot of spaghetti began boiling on the stove as the sounds of chopping knives and running faucets filled the air of the small kitchen. Meal preparations were underway, and kitchen staff members worked diligently to finish chopping vegetables and attend to the cooking pots. It may seem like a typical kitchen scene, but there is something
  • 30th LRS air terminal: a small shop with large responsibilities

    The missile transporter resembled a toy truck sitting on the flightline, dwarfed by the imposing C-17 Globemaster III. The bay door of the C-17 opened like the lazy yawn of an alligator, the Airmen of the 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron air terminal, set to work laying out ramps and staging chains to tie down the vehicle for when it would be