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  • LRS vehicle operations encourages responsible GMV use

    Team Vandenberg has an array of resources at its disposal. Among these assets are the Government Motor Vehicles, Team V personnel use every day for their respective jobs. Constantly in use, it can be tempting every once in a while to take a quick trip in a GMV to handle personal affairs. Charged with safeguarding a variety of resources, the 30th
  • Cyber security starts with the user

    October is National Cyber Security Awareness month - and with an increase in cyber-attacks worldwide - it is increasingly prevalent to stay informed and educated in order to avoid being a risk to the base network. Maintaining the security of the network on Vandenberg begins with the user following proper protocol, which is ultimately the first
  • Vandenberg fire recovery underway

    In the wake of the largest fire in VAFB history which damaged more than 12,500 acres on base, the wing has fully transitioned from response activities to recovery operations. With the fire extinguished, the wing’s first priority has been to complete damage assessments of infrastructure, facilities, and range equipment in order to characterize the
  • Rio silver medalist returns home

    Josh Prenot, University of California Berkeley Physics major and swimmer, recently returned home to Santa Maria for the first time since his silver medal performance in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Josh was recognized by the city of Santa Maria for his achievement in Rio during the men’s 200-meter breaststroke. “It’s good to be back,”
  • Two VAFB firefighters win DoD level awards

    Two members of the Vandenberg fire department recently took home two DoD level awards for the year of 2015. Robert Raffel, 30th Civil Engineer Squadron rescue truck captain and Mark Smith, 30th CES assistant chief of operations, won DoD civilian firefighter of the year and DoD civilian fire officer of the year, respectively. “Both Mark Smith and
  • Conservation unit: no horsing around

    Comprised of nearly 100,000 acres, there is a lot of ground to cover on Vandenberg. About 70,000 of those acres consist of hunting and fishing areas. With various wildlife in the region, some of which endangered, proper protection and enforcement laws must be applied and maintained. The vast swath of land and the many regulations are covered by
  • Tabletop exercise prepares leadership for launch season

    In almost Arthurian fashion, Col. Christopher Moss, 30th Space Wing commander, sat at an oval table surrounded by his Crisis Action Team. Inside the arguably compact room, behind several locked doors, the modern day round table council convened as the hypothetical situation unfolded, Aug. 22. While a normal base exercise for disaster response can
  • Laser tagged – how the JSpOC manages laser deconfliction

    Since its invention in 1960, lasers have found their way into a wide range of uses – from the more commonly known applications seen in modern medicine, optical data drives and laser pointers, to developing technologies in astronomy, communication, and military defense. When laser energy is emitted above the horizon, it continues to travel into
  • Vandenberg firefighters gear up for national competition

    When the state is as dry as a tinder box and brush fires are as common as Pokémon, firefighters get more than their fair share of practice. But when there aren’t any fires to put out, or Pokémon to catch, the next level of proficiency is competing against firefighters from all over the world in a sport that is as brutal as it is competitive.A team
  • Western Range set to resume normal operations

    Vandenberg Air Force Base’s Western Range, where space launch missions are conducted from California’s Central Coast, is set to commence normal operations after a nearly six-month hiatus. The reopening comes on the heels of a relocation project that included renovation of existing base facilities, as well as consolidation of personnel, and