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  • 30th OSS lieutenant helps revive unresponsive Team V member

    “Nothing can trump this feeling.” For 1st Lt. Robert Youssef, 30th Operations Support Squadron assistant flight commander, the morning of May 26 was just another day at Vandenberg. Youssef was assisting during a dry run of a recent ground-based interceptor test launch. The pre-launch operations were running as planned when suddenly he heard some
  • 30th SW commander bids farewell to Vandenberg, Air Force

    Within the confines of the 30th Space Wing Headquarters building lies a now vacant office. Standing outside is a man surveying his once professional abode. His office, once adorned with mementos garnered during his almost three decades of service, is now empty of such ornamentations. All that remain are a man and his memories, not only of his time
  • Defenders set sights on Academy

    Since its inception in 1954, the United States Air Force Academy has been considered one of the nation's most prestigious and selective universities. With an established reputation of high professional and academic standards, rigorous extracurricular requirements, and a devotion to leadership development -- its acceptance rate has been comparable
  • Mental health: stopping problems before they start

    Military life can take its toll on mental well-being, from stressful operations and extended shifts, to anxiety in the home and depression caused by sleep loss.  Often thought of as a place to get mental health help when coping is no longer an option, the mental health flight promotes mental well-being by tackling small issues early before they get
  • Staying fit to fight during Physical Fitness Month

    Physical fitness is an important standard to uphold in the military. Not only is it crucial to mission success, but members can also reap long-term health benefits from improving and maintaining their overall fitness. May is recognized as Physical Fitness Month, and is a chance to renew one’s commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle. “Physical
  • EO combats discrimination

    The Equal Opportunity Program is responsible for improving mission effectiveness by promoting an environment free from personal, social, or institutional barriers. The Vandenberg EO office processes complaints of discrimination for members of Team V. “There are several parts to filing a complaint,” but step one is to make contact with the EO
  • Be safe this motorcycle season

    California offers arguably some of the best motorcycle riding available, partly due to the geographic variety that the state offers, and partly because of the mild weather. Riding, for many, is a form of freedom that can only be attained on the open road. The numerous risks associated with riding can be greatly mitigated with some strategy and
  • Make PEZ great again

    Some people collect stamps, and some collect comic books, but despite the diversity of the collector’s chosen object, they generally have one thing in common – showing off their respective collections. Master Sgt. Linda DeMuro, 30th Operations Support Squadron airfield manager, is one such collector, and her chosen object, PEZ memorabilia.  The
  • Team V officers achieve elite athletic success

    Two Vandenberg officers were recently recognized for exemplary achievement in athletics, and were named the base’s athletes of the year. After carefully reviewing submissions from athletic Airmen across Vandenberg, the 30th Force Support Squadron fitness center staff announced Maj. Ian Holt, 614th Air and Space Operations Center mission director,
  • Team V member recognized as ‘Big Sister’ of the year

    Growing up, Sandra Grim, 30th Medical Operations Squadron physical evaluation board liaison officer, had many mentors who guided her through her childhood. She credited her teachers and neighbors for keeping her on the right path. In her attempt to “pay it forward,” she became a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America program. Grim was