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  • Minuteman mission remains successful on 50th anniversary

    In 1962, Lt. Gen. Bernard Schriever, commander of Air Force Systems Command, was tasked with naming the latest intercontinental ballistic missile developed to keep pace with the Soviet Union and their long-range ballistic missiles.The missile's original name was planned to be "Sentinel", but the connection between solid fuel's ability to "launch in
  • Signs for all seasons

    These inanimate objects tell people how fast they can go and when to stop, when to watch out for deer, and warn of unexploded ordnance and when the beaches are closed.The 30th Civil Engineer Squadron sign shop is staffed by a two-man team that maintains more than 7,000 signs of all varieties across Vandenberg property."We process all directional,
  • IDRC helps ease deployment process

    The deployment process can be a strenuous phase for Airmen. A seemingly limitless checklist with countless objectives stands between an Airman and their assigned destination. Whether administrative, legal or financial, there are a multitude of tasks one has to complete before getting the green light to deploy.Fortunately for members of Team V, a
  • Fitness leader of the month: Staff Sergeant Chris Moore

    Editor's Note: This is part of an ongoing series highlighting exceptionally fit Airmen.Steel slips on steel screeching throughout the mostly vacant room. Mirrors lining the walls catch the glint of gritted teeth, and the sheen of a sweat-covered brow. Staff Sgt. Chris Moore, 30th Comptroller Squadron customer support NCO, contorts his face and
  • Vehicle mechanics help beat the heat

    Between the current drought conditions and the sweltering summer heat, wildfires aren't exactly a rare occurrence on the Central Coast. A recent string of vegetation fires have kept the local community and members of the fire department heavily engaged. For members of the 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance crew, it's just another
  • Taking care of others: Senior Airman Ashley Boeckholt

    As early as the American Revolution, serving as nurses, cooks -- and water bearers, women have played a pivotal role in American military success.Today, however, women in the military have stepped out of the shadows and into nearly all of the Air Force's more than 130 different career fields. Among these diverse career fields are dedicated female
  • Air Force artisan: Senior Airman Richard Dye

    Editor's note: This will be an ongoing series highlighting the diverse talents and artistic passions of Vandenberg Airmen.An ardent musician, Senior Airman Richard Dye, 30th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle maintenance journeyman, has built a sanctuary where he can leave behind thoughts of radiators and brake lines while pursuing a dream that
  • Dr. Brown: Vandenberg chaplain

    The chaplains of Team Vandenberg go by many designations - mentors, educators, advisers, wingmen - to name a few. Captain Aleck Brown, Wing Staff Agency chaplain, recently added another title to his already crowded resume - doctor.Brown obtained his Doctorate in Philosophy of Biblical Preaching, June 13, 2015, from Newburgh Theological
  • Fitness leader of the month: Senior Airman Tyler Cerney

    Editor's Note: This is part of an ongoing series highlighting exceptionally fit Airmen.It's Monday afternoon and the gym is alive with action. The weight room stirs with sounds of clanking metal and steady grunts. Outside, the thumping bounce of basketballs hitting the hardwood rings out.Amidst all the chaos however, one senior airman couldn't feel
  • Geocaching: a global game for everyone

    Tech. Sgt. Rian Hudson, 30th Security Forces Squadron NCOIC of confinement, scouts a forested area near Lompoc for the perfect place to conceal his homemade geocache.Hudson has been geocaching for a year now and recently started making and hiding his own caches for people to find. This latest cache is made out of an ammo can and themed as a