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  • VirTra simulator: prepares Airmen for real-world situations

    The 30th Security Forces Squadron Airmen encounter various real-world threats daily - whether it's a verbal confrontation or an active shooter, our defenders have to be prepared for anything.More than a year ago a new form of training was implemented into the 30th SFS program, a VirTra system."The VirTra system is a use-of-force simulator," said
  • Launch legacy: 58 years of liftoff

    Dec. 16 will mark the anniversary of the very first launch from Vandenberg, when a Thor Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile, nicknamed "Tune Up", departed Launch Facility 75-1-1, in 1958.Demonstrating operational capability, the successful test was conducted only a year after the base was activated -- and ignited a launch legacy spanning more than
  • 30th Contracting Squadron acquisitions space superiority

    The Air Force maintains many different installations around the world, with many different operations. These installations are all comprised of various individuals working together to achieve mission success.At VAFB a primary mission is achieving successful polar-orbital launches - which are often essential to upholding U.S. dominance in space and
  • Dietary supplements: not always what's advertised

    Taking dietary supplements to augment one's diet has become fairly common. Bodybuilders ingest massive amounts of protein powder to aid in muscle growth, and there are a slew of dietary aids available for weight loss.Regardless of the intended purpose, companies selling dietary supplements don't always have to prove what ingredients are actually in
  • Commissary veterans continue to serve

    During retirement from the armed forces, many veterans live out their lives as seemingly regular citizens. Although unnoticeable to most, there are several veterans with distinguished military backgrounds who continue to serve at the Vandenberg commissary. The Commissary hires a variety of veterans ranging from all military services, which
  • El Niño set to drench California

    California, namely the Central Coast, is known for its susceptibility to intense and prolonged droughts. These rain-starved areas seek nutrition through precipitation on a daily basis. Fortunately, these lands may soon receive the water they so desperately crave.The stage is beginning to set for the seasonal phenomenon known as El Niño, which will
  • Base sports teams heighten competition

    Comprised of people from all walks of life, and from all over the nation, the Air Force is a boiling cauldron of intellectuals, artists and athletes.For athletes who find their way into the Air Force ranks, displaying their physical prowess on a competitive stage can be continued through the various varsity sports teams on base."These teams are
  • Beyond the Wing: 148th Space Operations Squadron

    [Editor's Note: This is the first of an ongoing series highlighting the missions of tenant, and associate, units at Vandenberg]In October of 2000, Vandenberg Air Force Base became host to the newly designated 148th Space Operations Squadron, the first California Air National Guard unit with a satellite command and control mission. Fifteen years
  • Physical therapy keeps Airmen 'fit to fight'

    From storming the beaches of Normandy, France, in 1944, to guarding the streets of Mosul, Iraq, in 2006, physical fitness has been essential to American and coalition forces.With the historically high physical demands put on troops, injuries can happen despite safety precautions. With this in mind, many military installations are equipped with a
  • Green Knights MMC fosters accountability

    Motorcycle clubs have a long and varied history, dating back to World War II, with many being founded by veterans such as Rolling Thunder, American Legion Riders and Patriot Guard Riders.The Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club is one such military motorcycle organization, that anyone with a bike and base access, may join."The Green Knights was