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  • 30th LRS vehicle operations keeps launch mission moving

    Across the Air Force, the primary mission of Logistics Readiness Squadrons typically focus on supporting the various aircrews and supplying the aircraft on base. While there might not be the usual flying mission for the 30th LRS vehicle operations unit, Vandenberg does host another unique mission that requires a great deal of their logistical
  • Fighting fatigue helps Team V member win AFSPC safety award

    Staff Sgt. Megan Cerney, 614th Air Operations Center space analyst, was recognized as the 2015 Air Force Space Command unit safety representative of the year, and one of her biggest contributions could have Team Vandenberg members resting easier.Unit safety representatives at Vandenberg Air Force Base serve as a liaison between their respective
  • Backbone of airfield management

    The thundering sound of aircraft landing on the seemingly endless rows of paved concrete can be witnessed on the Air Force's second largest runway. The sight and sound may be foreign to many on Vandenberg but it is familiar to Staff Sgt. Blake Fagan, 30th Operations Support Squadron NCO in charge of airfield operations.Fagan supervises and directs
  • 4th SLS assures launch safety, success

    Throughout the launch process, a multitude of obstacles, whether they be logistical or economical, need to be hurdled before successfully entering space.To attain this success, the 4th Space Launch Squadron facilitates the process through its tireless efforts and particular focus on mission assurance."The mission of the 4th SLS is to execute
  • Diversity brings Airmen closer

    Since 1968, the Department of Defense has supported observances through the development of local programs of recognition and diverse activities. Ethnic and special observances are conducted to enhance cross-cultural awareness and promote diversity among all military members, civilian employees, contractors, family members and retirees.The focus is
  • Highway to space

    Every launch presents a new set of challenges that require months of preparation to overcome.The 2nd Range Operations Squadron ensures that every mission has been fully vetted and the 'highway to space' they maintain is clear and ready to go."The big picture for the 30th Space Wing is to provide assured access to space," said 2nd Lt. Ryan Yeager, 2
  • Optometry clinic keeps eyes on the mission

    The 30th Medical Operations Squadron optometry clinic provides care to nearly 3,000 members of the 30th Space Wing, tenant units, retirees and dependents - with services ranging from routine eye care to glasses and contact lens fittings.The three personnel assigned to the clinic provide high quality ocular and vision care to keep military personnel
  • START team visits Vandenberg

    Vandenberg Air Force Base was recently visited by Russian inspectors who completed an on-site verification in compliance with the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty requirements.This treaty replaced the original START, which was in place from 1994 to 2009, and is now called the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. The new treaty started in
  • AADD has your back

    Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the most destructive things a person can do for their Air Force career, not to mention the extreme repercussions it can have on complete strangers.With this in mind, Airmen Against Drunk Driving was born to prevent life destroying mistakes that can easily happen when a person operates a vehicle after
  • Airman eases medical evaluation boards

    With military members continuing to focus on operations around the globe, maintaining a stringent level of physical and mental readiness is an Air Force requirement.For those individuals who find themselves no longer fit for duty however, one Airman is charged with providing a seamless transition into the civilian world - the Physical Evaluation