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  • Being a good wingman: suicide prevention

    September is recognized as National Suicide Prevention Awareness month; promoting resources and bringing awareness about suicide prevention.Suicidal thoughts can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender or background. Those affected by suicidal thoughts may be left with a vulnerable feeling of shame, which can discourage talking openly and seeking
  • Humans of VAFB: Mr. Roy Lapioli and his Evolutionary Career

    Editor's Note: This is part two of a three part series highlighting the individuals of Vandenberg.Mr. Roy Lapioli, 30th Force Support Squadron Education Counselor and civilian training manager, and has had the unique experience of having his career run full-circle. He began his uniformed career as an Airman Basic at Vandenberg, and decades later
  • Fire Dozers: facing danger

    With more than 130 different career fields ranging from pilots to plumbers, every job in the Air Force plays a crucial role in mission success.One vital contributor to mission success is the 30th Civil Engineer Squadron heavy equipment operators' fire dozer team, who embrace the unique challenge of fire prevention.The fire dozer team consists of
  • Airman accompanies base leaders to Capitol Hill

    One member of Team V was recently selected to attend a trip to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. with Col. Christopher Moss, 30th Space Wing commander and Chief Master Sgt. Robert Bedell, 30th SW command chief, to meet with Congressional Representatives for the Central Coast, Sept. 8 through 11.For Airman 1st Class Cardell Morgan, 30th SW Judge
  • SAI brings adventure, boosts morale for Airmen

    Packing up all your belongings, saying good-bye to family and friends and moving to a new state or country is a process that most Airmen will endure throughout their Air Force career. For unaccompanied Airmen, uprooting your life and going through the stresses of a permanent change of station can be a lonely experience. Not only being new to base,
  • Air Force Artisans: Tech. Sgt. Josh Tarrant

    Editor's note: This will be an ongoing series highlighting the diverse talents and artistic passions of Vandenberg Airmen.The first thing that many people notice about Tech. Sgt. Josh Tarrant, Joint Space Operations Center laser clearinghouse NCO in charge, is a small smile that always seems to be present on his face. Some people would describe
  • 9/11 reflections

    For some, airport travel can be an extremely hectic and tedious experience. Checkpoints, long lines and bag searches can seem like an elaborate plan to make traveling more difficult. However, this hassle and frustration can easily blind people to the important reason for heightened security.America's airports weren't always so secure. It wasn't
  • The command post: eyes and ears of Vandenberg

    If Vandenberg were a spider web, the 30th Space Wing command post would be the spider sitting at the center, intercepting and passing along every reverberation of information in the network of communication.The command post personnel work shifts around the clock, prepared at a moment's notice to contact the commander or relay information to or from
  • Behind the Rank: Command Chief Master Sergeant Robert Bedell

    During a recent Minuteman III launch here, Chief Master Sgt. Robert Bedell, 30th Space Wing command chief, visited members of the 30th Security Forces Squadron to get an in-depth look at their diverse roles during launch operations. Bedell spoke with the Airmen about Vandenberg, their job responsibilities and their opinion on varying Air Force
  • Shadow Program provides opportunity, education for Airmen

    For many Airmen, knowing what job they want can be a constant struggle, before and after they reach their first duty station. The ones who know they'd prefer a change in career may be unaware of how to diversify their skills and branch out into a new occupation. Fortunately, a new program has emerged that will allow these Airmen the opportunity to